What are SARMS

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, what this means in real talk. SARMS target the Androgen Receptors in muscle, fatty tissue, bones and ligaments producing incredible results in building muscle, losing weight, recovering from an injury and even getting a better night's sleep. All this is produced without the same negative side effect trainers and athletes get whilst using anabolics.

Each SARM has their own individual benefit, yielding incredible results for its desired purpose.

Secret Sarms products are 99% purity or over, and are 100% legal.

All Secret Sarms products are individually HPLC batch tested for quality. Batches only get processed and delivered to you if they are 99% purity or over.

Are SARMS legal/ Haven’t they banned SARMs?

There has been no official ban as of yet.

SARMs are legal to purchase online and over the counter. The reason for the compounds legality is for the purposes of conducting research. The Austrade products are not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition. As Secret Sarms ships internationally we recommend all customers check for legality for their own region.

Multi Dosing

All the sarms have a half life past the point of 24 hours so multi dosing and dosing through the day is not essential for the result that will come from them.

Do you need to run a pct if you stack mk2866 and lgd 4033

PCT depends on the duration of the stack. If you are on Sarms for 30 days no PCT is required. For 60 days - a break of two weeks is sufficient and PCT (Protect 2.0).

Clumping and Settlement

There are different types of sarms, Secret Sarms products are the newest, concentrated and fastest acting. The settlement is completely normal and not in any way an issue for the user, as when shaken and particles still floating about, the mixture is still completely absorbed and active in the body.

How do I apply my discount code?

One coupon/discount code can be used per purchase. To use a coupon, enter the code on the checkout page during checkout.

Why my discount code is not working?

Discount codes are unique and only activated for a limited time, 1 usage per customer. If you’re 100% sure that haven’t used your discount code and it is still valid clear your browser cache and cookies.

How does the subscription service work?

A subscription service is offered on numerous items online. It allows you to purchase your favourite products at a discounted price and reoccurs the order in the amount of time you specify (minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 8 weeks completing a full cycle) without any extra hassle of having to order it yourself every time. If you wish to cancel, this can be done through your account after a minimum of 2 reoccurring orders.

Why is my order not here when it states same day dispatch/delivery

Secret Sarms only offers same day dispatch before 1pm not delivery. This also excludes weekends.

How much is delivery to me?


Shipping and Delivery

Secret Sarms ships from multiple locations in the world. We have warehouses in the U.S and Hong Kong. Please expect delivery in 10-15 business days for orders in Australia.

7-15 business days for USA and other countries.

Is signature required for delivery/ where will the parcel be delivered if I’m not home?

This is for AU orders only:

Australia post uses "safe drop" which means if the Postal delivery officer deems the package safe to drop at the intended address they will and no signature is required and if it is not deemed safe they will leave a card which will instruct you where to go to receive package (usually closest Aus post/newsagency or aus post after hours pick up) where you will need proof of identity or proof of address

My order has arrived but is missing a product or one of my product is damaged!

If you receive the wrong item or your order has been damaged in some way please email sales@secretsupps.com with images and your order number and one of our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

We do not deliver to PO Box since customers are required to sign a receipt on receiving the order. Kindly provide a residential or business order where your order can be delivered.

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